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Art Map 3.0
This is the third time we publish our Rotterdam Art Map. We were curious (again) to know how many spaces, platforms or aesthetic zones for contemporary art are currently active. The invitation from Eva Visser to contribute to the new journal Puntkomma gave the fuel to speed things up. A lot has changed after the cultural erosion of 2011. This mapping is a call for engagement and fraternization. We can do with some more quality, mutual respect and interest in each other’s activities. Forget Lonely Strive! For this reason we list the independent project spaces side-by-side the institutes and commercial galleries. Let’s go to all openings and gather at events and art talks, take part or initiate a discourse… excite your brain and be merry.

Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and the poorest city in our country—Huh? However, the slogan ‘Arm aber Sexy’1 does not apply. Rotterdam is not Berlin, and I seriously doubt this is the “coolest” place to be, as the Rough Guide and New York Times recently stated. Who informed them, Jules Deelder? It will be fun: Rotterdammers hate tourists. In Berlin there are around 500,000 visitors every day.2 In 2010 over 100,000 people under 33 moved to Berlin.3 The motor for coming and going are the countless residency programs, the city history and bohemian lifestyle. Three fourths stay after their residency.4 Berlin has 300 commercial galleries, 150 independent project-spaces , and numerous amazing bookshops.5 Tell me, where in Rotterdam can I get the latest Afterall, Artforum, Nero, or Mousse?

Rotterdam is a windy provincial town with just over 600,000 inhabitants—around 1100 are officially registered as artist/member of CBK.6 In 2030 the population is expected to be 660,000.7 The ‘Golden Years’ of Rotterdam were the 1990s. This was the city you moved to! There were plenty opportunities, free space in the harbors, numerous studio buildings with artist-run activities, residency exchange programs. Witte de With under the enthusiastic direction of Chris Dercon was a huge “magnet” for the Dutch art scene and at openings the stairs were packed with people. Also the City collection (Stadscollectie), and De Villa (cbk) initiated beautiful shows that really helped local artists to be "visible" and gave a change to experiment and lift their careers to an international level. There was ‘energy’ and we all believed in Art. After fundamental reformation of the cultural landscape in 2005 the city lost ‘it’.8 Just before the financial crisis in 2008 the international scene began to leave the city for Berlin, Brussels, or... The motor for leaving: the discontinuation of the residency exchange programs and lack of possibilities at every level. And now after the ‘Shock and Awe’ in 2011 of former cultural minister Halbe Zijlstra killing the budget for the arts, a cultural meltdown was set in motion.9 On top of this, the city council decided no longer to support “internationalism”. The financial crisis also accelerated the privatization processes: exploiting the crisis for radical free-market capitalist transformation. But who benefits from this? The city needs quick money and started selling off public buildings like collective studio buildings, with a collateral damage of around 150 ateliers. Simultaneously the biggest building in Europe was erected, OMA’s The Rotterdam. The vertical city blew some new holes in the horizontal city—The Rotterdam instead of Rotterdam? Star architect Rem Koolhaas himself has his HQ here since 1981, and several of his projects are under construction in the city right now, but he prefers to live in Amsterdam. Rotterdam is—since 1.30pm 14 May 1940—a traumatized city, and it seems to repeat it’s trauma: once something is build up and starts to function and be nice (gezellig) it is demolished and leaves a new hole—like the hole in Ossip Zadkine’s De Verwoeste Stad (The Demolished City, nicknamed Jan Gat, John Hole).

In 1996 Manifesta 1 took place, and in 2001 we were Cultural Capital. Both brief flirtations with the international art world. Since the 1990s the cultural policy was to become Hollywood aan De Maas. But over the recent years the film- and video industry disappeared again. Catherine David said in an interview with FGA (24-1-2005): ‘Rotterdam—and Witte de With—is an offshore base, a lab. But now, with the populist politicians (Leefbaar), you see there is no longer this ambition, not even on the level of discourse.’10 The last VVD’s local election posters “In Rotterdam spreken we Nederlands” painfully confirms this. What is left after all this?

In 2009 for Art Map #1 we counted 77 “contemporary art zones”, one year later there were 73, and now I counted 57. Maybe Rotterdam will one day be for architecture and design what Paris is to fashion, and Berlin to art? Fortunately we still have IFFR film festival, and some new interesting initiatives were born like Upominki and Blu Heron Social Club.
I applied a simple rule for this list: the zone for contemporary art that’s listed is visible, active and supports the arts. Be it white walls or black holes, on the web, a collective studio building with residency program, film screenings, magazines and blogs, a small publishing house, non-profit project space, commercial gallery, or an art institute. Balance at the moment: independent zones (32), commercial galleries (11), institutes (11), and events (3).
So much for the quantity; what about the quality?

^Rob Hamelijnck, Berlin March 2014

1.Mayor Klaus Wowereit of Berlin
3.Berlin eine Erfolgsgeschichte, 2010, Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg.
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17 Project spaces
1 Blu Heron Social Club
Homebase is Café M'n Schoonmoeders opposite Upominki. Initiated by Kevin Gallagher, Perry Mc Kenzie and Timmy van Zoelen in september 2013. Events take place every two months. Blu Heron commission artists to make a semi functional / semi art: i.e. an ashtray, some placemats, a video that can be screened on the tv from the bar etc., with drinks and dj's!
Café M'n Schoonmoeders
Pieter de Hoochstraat 20a-b
3024CH Rotterdam
Tram 8, Pieter de Hoochweg

2 De Aanschouw
This might be the smallest gallery in the world. Size: 40 x 67 x 115 cm. It is a parasite (show-window next to the door) on café De Schouw. Almost 400 artists have exhibited work here. Exhibition changes every Thursday night at 21.00.
Witte de Withstraat 80b
Tram 7 Museumpark

Already 10 years of legendary highbrow underground to low-fi über-grund sound gallery and polymorphic performance stage. Program is a happening-style spectacle, up-setting and sometimes confusing weird stuff! They also publish special collectors editions: vinyl disc and printed matter.
Hilleweg 46-b
3072 JE Rotterdam
(Next to Sex Shop Helen)
Metro Rijnhaven

4 De Witte Slagerij
Founded by artist Marco Kruyt, located in a beautiful old butcher shop in Rotterdam Noord facing Ukulele Paradijs. Tiled bright white walls and floor paved with black and white paving stone. Next to the exhibition space a bar and meeting room. 11 exhibitions a year, openings always every 1st Sunday of the month. They also use the Brugwachtershuisje ‘Vleesch noch Vis’ on the Zaagmolenbrug.
Rakstraat 2 & 4-a
3034 RG Rotterdam
Tram 8, Zwaanshals

5 Het Plafond
Since 1997 artist Willem Besselink and art historian Guus Vreeburg organise window shows in their ground floor studio space. Sometimes surprisingly beautiful, sometimes bloody awful. No regular opening hours. On view all day and night.
Gedempte Zalmhaven 761
3011 BT Rotterdam
Metro Leuvehaven

6 Kino Kino
Since Lantaren Venster moved to Kop van Zuid Kino Kino is the new downtown art-house movie club run by Peter Taylor. Most weird and incredible movies outside the mainstream can be seen here. Films are shown in the theatre of WORM, for program check WORM website and make sure you are on Peter’s mailing list.
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

7 Le Sud
Kultur Bühne behind closed doors with Art, Sound, and Poetry. LE SUD is a program in the U.U.U. recording studio at home by Lies Klaus & artist Gilbert van Drunen.
Ebenhaëzerstraat 47
3083RE Rotterdam

8 OCW - Crimmp
OCW (pronunciation: oh-say-way) is a non-subsidized small-scale stage. A few years ago artist Arnold Schalks started a space for art, dance, music, literature, theatre and cinema in his studio in an old school/collective studio building from SKAR. Really nice program! Small is the new big thing! Booking is required, space holds only 30 people.
Osseweistraat 35, lokaal 11
3023 DB Rotterdam
Metro Coolhaven
Tram 4, Ruilstraat

9 Performance Art Event - PAE
International platform for performance art initiated by artists Nina Boas, Martijn Stellinga and Ieke Trinks.

10 Roodkapje
Cultural hot spot for Roffa young art scene run by Eric den Hartigh and friends. Just moved from de Meent to Teilingerstraat 128 in Noord. Theme is We are the World, through which they ‘explore ideas on a better, future society through art.’ Roodkapje has a restaurants: Magnetronbar.
Teilingerstraat 128
3032 AW Rotterdam
Tram 4, Noordsingel Molenlaan Tram 25, Schiekade

11 Sils
Initiated in 2010 by an international team of artists, some of them Piet Zwart Institute alumni. Current committee: Rachel Carey, Kathrin Wolkowicz, David Stamp, and Ghislain Amar. At the moment Sils hibernating. No fixed address, embracing nomadism.

12 Sub-Urban Video Lounge
Initiative of Toine Horvers in the basement of Urban Espresso Bar since November 2004. Kathrin Wolkowicz from Sils joined the team for some shows. Video projections from 12:00 to 17:00. Open Tuesday – Saturday from 09:00 to 7:30, Sunday and Monday from 11:00 to 17:30.
Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 21 Blaak

13 Tante Nino
Studio, gallery and meeting place of Georgian born architect and photographer Nino Purtskhvanidze, founded in 2011 on Noordereiland. Thematic evenings with art, film and music. Also Khachapuri Kino Club, an evening with short films accompanied by an introduction by filmmaker Pieter Jan Smit, including Georgian food.
Van der Takstraat 129
3071 LK Rotterdam
Bus 48, Noordereiland/Koninginnebrug

14 Upominki
Started as a ‘guestroom’ in the apartment of Polish artist/curator Weronika Zielinska in 2011. Now she moved to a beautiful corner shop turned into ‘serious’ exhibition space in Cool. Upominki is een non-profit project space experimenting with an alternative economical model based on ‘gift’ and ‘exchange’. Also residency-program and exchange with artists from Poland.
Kapelstraat 32
3024CH Rotterdam
Tram 8, Pieter de Hoochweg

15 Vrooom…
Vrooom is an (ir)regular DIY event series by Lukas Simonis. Currently events take place at Het Klooster, Oude Noorden, with improvisation, electro acoustic, and performance art.
Hammerstraat 63
3036MC Rotterdam
Tram 4 and 8

16 Wallgallery
Michel van Adrichem—known from Salle de Bain and Salle Demain—started a gallery on the 24 meter long wall in his home in The Red Apple. His motto: Free Panorama Views for ALL. Wallgallery opened on the magical date and time: 9.09.09 at 9pm. Visits by appointment only, or join the guest list for airy openings! The Red Apple at 37th floor.
Wijnbrugstraat 330
3011 XW Rotterdam
Metro Blaak

17 Wolfart Project space
Active in Charlois since 2008, currently run by American artist and Piet Zwart graduate Johua Thies (and probably others). In 2011 they were part of in_flux in Limerick where the model of artist-led spaces was celebrated. Would like to see this happening in Rotterdam!
Wolphaertstraat 25
3082 DA Rotterdam
Tram 2 Dorpsweg Charlois


7 Magazines & Publishers
18 Dichtkunstkrant
Gratis Journal for poetry, art and actuality. Only 1 edition per year, text in Dutch, and substantial image contributions. Editorial team Efrat Zehavi and Florimond Wassenaar. 3rd edition 2014 was distributed at Rotterdam Art Week.

19 Fucking Good Art
Since 10 years traveling the art world. Traveling editorial project initiated by artists Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma publishing their subversive fieldwork and interviews. Non-academic freestyle researchers and ethnographers with a do-it-yourself attitude. First Rotterdam issue was launched in December 2003.
Calandstraat 3-b
3016 CA Rotterdam
Tram 7 Willemsplein

20 Pages
Pages was launched in 2004 by Rotterdam-based Iranian artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi. Pages’ projects are defined through activities such as the bilingual Farsi?/ English magazine, architectural proposals, video documentations and installation works. Haven’t seen a new issue for some time?

21 Puntkomma
New free journal on art and culture in Rotterdam, printed as newspaper format. First issue October 2013, editors are Hugo Bongers, Eva Visser and others. One page is reserved as Vrijplaats where artists are invited or propose to show their work.

Small independent publishing house run by Ben Schot specialising in works of the historical avant-garde and the counterculture.
SEA URCHIN editions
Postbus 25212
3001 HE Rotterdam

23 Trendbeheer
Internet magazine and digital meeting place (digitale hanghoek) of Jeroen Bosch, Niels Post and friends. They post updates with their smart phones on new trends in the (Rotterdam) art world.

24 WeOwnRotterdam
Alternative Guide to Rotterdam. Florian Schroiff, German born designer of webs started WOR with Elseline, Mathijs & Tom in may 2010. Since august 2013 Florian took over with a small team of very motivated volunteers. He also co-founded Vers Beton, a Dutch language blog about Rotterdam: www.versbeton.nl. We Own Rotterdam collects creative events. You can promote your exhibitions and events through WOR for free.


3 Bookshops
25 Printroom
PrintRoom actually started in 2003 as a traveling collection of artists’ books. Since 2012 they have a fixed space. It is a bookshop but the founders Karin de Jong and Ewoud van Rijn prefer to call it ‘a space dedicated to artists' publications, small press and self publishing projects by artists and designers.’ Book presentations are always nice and packed with people. Open: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 13.00 – 17.00h.
Schietbaanstraat 17
3014ZV Rotterdam
Tram 4, Mathenesserlaan

26 Walgenbach Art & Books
Nice small bookshop in Charlois. Walgenbach Art & Books is specialized in artists'-and art books, visual art and photography. The Rotterdam art scene knows Hans as former director of CBK and Historisch Museum Schielandhuis, which has been transformed in 2011 into museum Rotterdam, and in 2012 due to budget cuts closed. Open: Thursday-Saturday from 12:00-17:00h.
Gouwstraat 13
3032 BA Rotterdam
Tram 2 Dorpsweg Charlois

27 WORM_Bookshop
Absolute the best bookshop in town! Run already for maybe 20 years by Mariëtte Groot. Motto: We Dig, Come Feed. Impro, electro, electro-acoustic, field recordings, spoken word, experimental film, cult movies, animation, documentaries, books & magazines related to music, film, sonology, art & media. And more... Open: Tuesday - Saturday 12.00-18.00h and during WORM events.
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark


5 Collective studio’s with AiR-residency and public program
28 B.a.d Foundation
Collective studio building with occasionally public program. Building has recently been substantially renovated. The building is turned into a permanent studio complex since end 2013. Founded in 1987 B.a.d currently has 17 members, 2 residencies and 4 guest studios.
Talingstraat 5
3082 MG Rotterdam
Tram 2 Van Blommesteynweg + Bus 46 Boergoense vliet

29 Het Wilde Weten
Collective studio building with occasionally public program. Twenty studios and one guest studio, events and exhibitions like yearly Wilde Boekenmarkt for artists publications and small independent publishers.
Robert Fruinstraat 35
3021 XB Rotterdam
Tram 4 Heemraadsplein

30 Kaus Australis
1360 m2 collective studio building, four studios plus three guest studios / presentation space. For more than 25 years Kaus Australis introduces international guests to the Rotterdam art scene. On average Kaus hosts 17 guests per year. Final presentations are always great to attend!
Melanchtonweg 137
3045PN Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 20, 25 Melanchtonweg

31 Kunst&Complex
Studios, guest studios, events and exhibitions. 17 studios, and 3 guest studios and presentations. Established in 1981.
Keileweg 26
3029 BT Rotterdam
Metro Marconiplein, actually you’d better come by car or bicycle

32 NAC
For all newcomers—international and national—to Roffa, this foundation might be helpful finding living and studio space. Foundation NAC (New Studios Charlois) is a non-profit organization, initially founded to arrange the self-management of studio spaces for artists. NAC has over a hundred addresses in Charlois. NAC also has 2 guest residencies for short stay called Zimmerfrei #1 & 2.
Godschalkstraat 5
3084 RA Rotterdam


Rotterdam Art Map 3.0, March 2014

11 Galleries
33 Galerie Cokkie Snoei
Established in 1989 on the Witte de Withstraat. Since 1995 in her current location.
Mauritsweg 55
3012 JX Rotterdam
Tram 4 and 7 Eendrachtsplein

34 Galerie Delta
Hans Sonnenberg organised the first ZERO exhibition in 1959. Galerie Delta started in 1962 in the Witte de Withstraat. Delta was the first Dutch gallery to show Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Eendrachtsplein 19
3015 LA Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 4, 7 Eendrachtsplein

35 Galerie Frank Taal
Holds 2nd place on list of Galerie van het Jaar 2014.
Van Speykstraat 129
3014 VH Rotterdam
Tram 4

36 Garage Rotterdam
Goudsewagenstraat 27
3011 RH Rotterdam
Metro Blaak

37 Hommes + residency
Exhibition space and residency program. Foreign artists can apply for a residency of 6 months upto 1 year.
Charloisse Kerksingel 14
3082 DA Rotterdam
Metro Maashaven / change to Tram 2 Wolphaerstbocht + Bus 46 Rietdijk

38 Joey Ramone
Josephstraat 166 3014 TX, Rotterdam Tram 4 Mathenesserlaan

39 Mirta Demare + residency
Space for contemporary art and exchange programme between Holland and South America. Contemporary art mostly from South America and residency exchange programme.
Bergsingel 176-b
3037 GN Rotterdam
Tram 4 Eudokiaplein

40 Phoebus Rotterdam
Established 1990. Also readings and discussions.
Eendrachtsweg 61
3012 LG Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

41 RAM
Van Vollenhovenstraat 14
Tram 8, 20 Vasteland

42 Wilfried Lentz
After 6 years Groot Handelsgebouw the gallery made an interesting move to Spangen where it will be close to Art Rotterdam. By far the most professional gallery in Rotterdam.
Justus van Effenstraat 130
Metro Marconiplein

43 Zic Zerp
Number 5 on list Galerie van het Jaar 2014.
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 120A
3012 GV Rotterdam Tram 4, 7, 8 Kruisplein


11 Institutes
44 De Derde Dinsdag
Want to know where to go and what to do next month in the city? A 1 ½ hour live show filled with music, art, performance, theatre, interview and live interaction initiated by Kunstblock: Showroom MAMA, TENT., CBK Rotterdam, V2, Witte de With, WORM, Ro Theater, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Productiehuis Rotterdam and Dansateliers.

MAMA (1997) is a project by the Public Art Squad Foundation. It is a platform for visual culture on the cutting edge of visual arts and popular culture. Former chef Nous Faes was recently succeeded by Ariadne Urlus.
Witte de Withstr. 29-31
3012 BL Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

46 Mothership
Small production company by Jeroen Everaert and his team for art projects in public space. Known for the spectacular one night light show marking the Brandgrens of the bombardment of Rotterdam on 14 May 1940.
Delftsestraat 25
3013 AB Rotterdam
Metro CS

47 Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Collections of old masters, modern and contemporary art, applied arts and design. Annual budget is approximately 12 million euros, admission 12,50 euros.
Museumpark 18 - 20
3015 CX Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

48 Piet Zwart Institute
Institute for postgraduate studies and research. Public programme with exhibitions, lectures, screenings and publications. The institute also organises presentations at WORM on a regular basis.
Karel Doormanhof 45
3012 GC Rotterdam
Metro + Trams 4, 7 Eendrachtsplein.

49 Sculpture International Rotterdam
Head: Dees Linders. Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) was set up in 1999 to focus attention on the city’s collection of public sculptures and to ensure their long-term preservation.
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

50 Stadscollectie / City collection
A collection of art by artists working in Rotterdam and Rijnmond, established in 1988 within Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Former curators were Jan van Adrichem, Dees Linders, Arno van Roosmalen, Wilma Sütö and the trio: Patricia Pulles, Bregje van Woensel and Annemartine van Kesteren a.k.a Digital Little Sisters, followed by Saskia van Kampen. New stadscurator Noor Mertens.
Museumpark 18 - 20
3015 CX Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

51 Tent. CBK
Popular ‘Kunsthalle’ in the same building as Witte de With. CBK rents 1000 m2 exhibition space since 1999. Tent. was established in order to show art from Rotterdam and is currently led by Mariette Dölle.
Witte de Withstraat 50
3012 BR Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

52 V2
Institute for the Unstable Media. In 25 years V2 has developed from an artist-run space (started in Den Bosch) into an interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology. Maybe best known for the DEAF festival organised every 2 years. Residency program providing a workplace within the V2_Lab.
Eendrachtstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

53 Witte de With
Established in 1990 as a centre for contemporary art with the mission to introduce contemporary art and theory in the context of the city of Rotterdam. Former directors: Chris Dercon, Bartomeu Marí, Catherine David, Hans Maarten vd Brink, and Nicolaus Schafhausen. Current director: Defne Ayas.
Witte de Withstraat 50
3012 BR Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

WORM concerts, WORM cinema, WORM bar, radio WORM, WORM station, WORM book and record shop and Film workshop (16mm). And WORM Parallel University and publishing house.
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA RotterdamTram 4, museumpark


3 Events
55 Rotterdam Art Week
The Rotterdam Art Week 2014 takes place first week of February at three locations: the Van Nellefabriek, the Wilhelminapier and the Museum Qarter. This year surprisingly there is no RE:. 15th edition of Art Rotterdam takes place in the Van Nellefabriek, and 3rd edition of RAW will take place in Cruise Terminal Rotterdam.

56 IFFR-Rotterdam Film Festival
Main stream and independent, innovative, international and experimental cinema as well as a series of film-related visual arts exhibitions and live performances. Starting last week of January: twelve festival days in 24 screening venues located within central Rotterdam.

57 Kunstweekend Charlois
Ties den Bosch and others in charge of putting stuff together. I guess they call this a “biennale” because it takes place every two years. Can’t find much, all information is in Dutch except for the title: This could be Rotterdam or anywhere.


Edition Fink
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Kunsthal Charlottenborg books
De Player
Belluard International
Embassy of Foreign Artists
Les Complices
Kunsthalle Fridericianum
Talking About!
Coro Colectiva
Espaço Coringa
Fórum Permanente
MAPA das Artes São Paulo
Mario de Andrade
Número magazine
Urban Think Tank
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Art Angel London
Guy Debord#2
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Diamond Paper
Dot Dot Dot magazine
Hyphen Press
Jan v Eyck Press
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Matt Magazine
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One Star Press
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Parachute magazine
Pist Protta
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Roma Publications
Space Poetry
Sternberg Press
Texte zur Kunst
Temporary Services
Used Future


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