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73 zones for contemporary art _ last update Nov. 2011!
It has been almost 1 year since we published our first Art Map Rotterdam. We made this map because we thought nothing was happening in our city, that Rotterdam was a cultural dessert.
This revised version shows again there are many art spaces, aesthetic zones or platforms for contemporary art currently active (and open!), and that the city still offers possibilities for artists and cultural entrepreneurs. This time we made clear categories: project spaces, institutes, galleries, independent magazines and publishers, web based projects, collective studio buildings with a public program. There are 11 new spaces, and we deleted 15 spaces that quit, were not active or visible (to us), or went back into hibernation. It is a dynamic process. The moment this map went to print we counted in total 74 aesthetic zones of which 35 are white cube exhibition spaces, big or small.

Rive Gauche or Rive Droite?
The map shows the biggest concentration on the Rive Droit (Right Bank or Noord), and a small cluster on the Rive Gauche (South Bank or Op Zuid) in Charlois, and some scattered around Afrikaanderplein. The trend is that the city council is moving cultural venues to the South Bank and stimulate cultural entrepeneurs to move to Zuid to help regenerate (stadsvernieuwing en ontwikkeling) this poor residential area. Richard Florida is responsible for this. In some cases it probably will make a difference. But I really doubt a few artists, kunstenaarsparticipatie, and socio-artistic public projects are going to solve the big problems of Rotterdam; unemployment 8,5%, poverty, education, bad housing, poor integration, middle class leaving the city, and the lack of cultural elite.
Rive Gauche generally refers to the Paris of an earlier era. It connotes a sense of bohemianism, avant-garde and creativity. Sorry, Zuid is not Montparnasse and Laan op Zuid certainly not Boulevard Saint-Germain. Yes artists benefit from this with cheap housing and affordable studio spaces, and hopefully at the same time they try to influence the cultural poitical agenda. Still if you look at the new initiatives like Sils (with coffee bar Half Juni), L.P.Hendriks, and the cultural map Charlois 2009-2010 you will see that the (international) art community on the South Bank is growing. And maybe the crisis offers new opportunities to occupy empty spaces when new office towers will stay empty on Manhattan-Like Wilhelmina pier, and when all cultural venues have moved out of downtown Rotterdam.

We like to mention 11 new art spaces; Bob Smit Gallery, De Kapsalon, Galerie Van Krimpen, L.P.Hendriks, OCW- Podium voor kleinschaligheden, PAE (Performance Art Event), Roodkapje Rot(T)terdam, Sensational Mix, Sils, Wallgallery, and De Zwarte Ruyter. And finally we also like to share this information: starting from May artists can (again) apply for funding at CBK (read FGA#21). There is 300.000 euro available for research and development.

^Rob Hamelijnck
Help us to develope the Art Map#2.0 Rotterdam, send an email to mail@fuckinggoodart.nl.
In the meantime we will keep a dynamic update here on our website.

20 Project spaces - white cube & black box
1 ADA Rotterdam
Area for debate and art.
Artists’ initiative since September 2008, initiated by 7 Rotterdam-based artists: Maja Bekan, Deirdre M. Donoghue, Loes Hoeijmakers, Gerwin Luijendijk, Margo Onnes, Esmé Valk and Sjoerd Westbroek. First space was located in Scheepvaartkwartier, now moved to Zuid.
Bree 93-B
3074 BD Rotterdam
Tram 25 Sandelingplein

2 De Aanschouw
This might be the smallest gallery in the world. Size: 40 x 67 x 115 cm. It is a parasite (show-window next to the door) on café De Schouw. Almost 400 artists have exhibited work here. Exhibition changes every Friday night at 20.30.
Witte de Withstraat 80b
Tram 7 Museumpark

3 DEK–22
Internationaal Lokaal Creatieve activering.
Curating young Rotterdam artists. In the basement: Ruim22.
Willem Buytewechstr. 22
3024 BN Rotterdam
Metro Coolhaven, Tram 8 Pieter De Hoochweg

4 Half Juni
1ste coffee-bar and hang-out Op Zuid. This is how the artists Iddo Drevijn and Martijn in ‘t Veld see their meeting zone. They have really good coffee from an Italian coffee machine, free WLAN, artists publications and magazines. Open from Thursday – Sunday 1pm – 5pm. It is nice, go there! See also Sils.
Wolphaertsbocht 51 Rotterdam
Metro Maashaven / change to Tram 2 + Bus 44, 46 Wolphaertsbocht

5 iStrike - moved to Ibiza
iStrike is a production agency that collaborates with artists, architects, designers etc. on an international and local level.Their aim is to promote international mobility and cultural networks.

6 De Kapsalon - transformed into RAAF
Established in 2009 by Ashley Nijland en Coen van der Steen at Afrikaanderplein, now transformed into RAAF – Rotterdam Art Adventure Food.
Hillelaan 19
3072JC Rotterdam
Metro Rijnhaven

7 Kunst Rotterdam Noord
Artist Carlo van Driel started runs this art space in Station Noord, a 1950s building by neglected
Dutch architect Sybold van Ravesteyn. Contact via email.
Contact: Bergweg 8
3036 BA Rotterdam
Tram 4, Station Noord

8 L.P. Hendriks
Nomadic project space by Piet Zwart Institute graduate David Stamp (UK), and PZi student Derek Brunen (CAN) and Martijn In't Veld (see also Half Juni). It is a good thing that artists stay in this city and initiate an art space. Very important...SUPER! Contact via email.

9 OCW - podium voor Kleinschaligheden
Artist Arnold Schalks (see also Surinoemer) opened a space for art, dance, music, literature, theatre and cinema in an old school building.
Osseweistraat 35, lokaal 11
3023 DB Rotterdam
Metro Coolhaven, Tram 4 Ruilstraat

Expositieruimte voor moderne kunst (exhibition space for modern art) founded in November 2008 by Evelien de Jong and Richard Trifunovi.
Essenburgsingel 68 bgr.
3022 EB Rotterdam
Bus 38, 40, 44 Beukelsdijk, or 10 minute walk from Central Station

11 Performance Art Event - PAE
International platform for performance art initiated by artists Nina Boas and Martijn Stellinga. Their partners are; dKC Rotterdam; Nina Boas; Stichting NAC; Tent.CBK; Wolfart Projectspaces.
Contact: mail@performanceartevent.nl

12 Het Plafond
Ruimte voor kunst en cultuur in the studio apartment of artist Willem Besselink and art historian Guus Vreeburg. Since spring 1997, no regular opening hours. Visible day and night.
Gedempte Zalmhaven 761
3011 BT Rotterdam

www.deplayer.nl /  www.com-post.nl / www.deli-light.nl / www.big-mag.nl
DE PLAYER, DSPS, BIGMAG., COM.POST, DELI-LIGHT... The legendary highbrow underground to low-fi über-grund: sound gallery and performance stage.
Hilleweg 46-b + 49-d
3072 JE Rotterdam
(Next to Sex Shop Helen)
Metro Rijnhaven, and good for bikes

14 Roodkapje 2.0
From March 2010 - 2011 Roodkapje (2.0) presents project ROT(T)TERDAM in 700 m2 casco space located at de Meent opposite Dudok. They call it a cultural supermarket. Monthly exhibitions etc. in the spirit of Berlin, Barcelona and Istanbul. This is project space new style. Never seen so many sponsors: VSB fonds, CBK, OBR, DKc, Centrumraad, Roteb, HEMA, Schadee Fonds, St. Bevordering Volkskracht, PG2, Het Beeldgebouw, www.idrukker.nl, Quintus Belichting, Piekfijn, and the late J.D Salinger & Lee Alexander McQueen for broadening their view.
Meent 119-133
3011 JH Rotterdam

15 Sensational Mix
A new initiative op Zuid by curators Roland Groenenboom (Sensational Fix) and Nathalie Houtermans (Mixtura). Sensational Mix wants to do justice to the cultural potential of Rotterdam Zuid by realising noteworthy international art projects on Rive Gauche.

16 Sils Rotterdam - No fixed address!
Sils Rotterdam is a new project space hosted by A Locatie (see also coffee bar Half Juni). The programme 2010 will feature a series of 5 group exhibitions. The space is run by an international team of curators/artists; Stefano Calligaro, Rachel Carey, Teresa Iannotta, David Stamp co-founder of L.P.Hendriks, Martijn in’t Veld co-founder of the social platform/ coffee bar Half Juni, and Kathrin Wolkowicz.

17 Sub-Urban Video Lounge
Initiative of Toine Horvers in the basement of Urban Espresso Bar since November 2004. Video projections from 12:00 to 17:00. Open Tuesday–Saturday from 09:00 to 7:30, Sunday and Monday from 11:00 to 17:30.
Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 21 Blaak

18 W Lf_rt Projectspaces
Small community space for performance based art, with 2 project spaces, a communal garden and kitchen.
Wolphaertstraat 25b+c
3082 BK Rotterdam
Metro Maashaven / change to Tram 2 + Bus 44, 46 Wolphaertsbocht

19 De Zwarte Ruyter + Bookstore
De Zwarte Ruyter is a new research and presentation space for contemporary art and visual culture by Tijs Bakker, Judith Vogt, and Bonno van Doorn. Just opened: BookCase is a bookstore for artist books, publications, editions, and magazines.
Van Der Takstraat 107
3071 LK Rotterdam
Bus 32 and 48 Noordereiland

20 Zwervende Tentoonstellingen
Since 2005 (named De Salon) Tamar de Kemp and Maartje Berendsen have organised temporary exhibitions, each time at a different location. We haven't seen much lately?


9 Magazines & Publishers

21 Club Donny
Biannual magazine about the personal experience of nature in the urban environment. Published by Frank Bruggeman, Ernst van der Hoeven and Ben Laloua/Didier Pascal. Club Donny claims to be ‘stricktly’ unedited. Their website has some interesting links.

22 Fucking Good Art
Initiated by artists Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma. Non-academic freestylers with a do-it-yourself attitude, agitprop publishers and knowledge producers, working within a specific local context. Since the publication of the first Rotterdam issue in December 2003 they have made issues in Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Copenhagen, Riga and Zurich. Fucking Good Art is published in print and online.
Calandstraat 3-b
3016 CA Rotterdam
Tram 7 Willemsplein

(A5 The New 16 MM)
hOUTSKOOL is a quaterly published xeroxed artzine in a print run of 500 copies. It is focused on the work-in-progress by international contemporary artists and art critics based in The Netherlands. Correspondence only via snail mail.
Postbus 1446
3500 BK Utrecht

24 MONU – Magazine on Urbanism
Bi-annual international forum for artists, writers and designers that are working on topics of urban culture, development and politics. MONU has been founded in 2004 by Bernd Upmeyer together with his Rotterdam based Bureau of Architecture, Research and Design (BOARD) and managed by MONU's managing editor Beatriz Ramo.
Delftsestraat 27
3013 AE Rotterdam

25 Pages
Pages was launched in 2004 by Rotterdam-based Iranian artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi. Pages’ projects are defined through activities such as the bilingual Farsi?/ English magazine, architectural proposals, video documentations and installation works.

26 Post Editions
Nina Post
Marconistraat 52
(harbour 357)
3029 AK Rotterdam
Metro Marconiplein

Small independent publishing house run by Ben Schot specialising in works of the historical avant-garde and the counterculture. Started collaboration with freelance curator Roland Groenenboom from Sensational Fix fanzines.
SEA URCHIN editions
Postbus 25212
3001 HE Rotterdam

28 Studio 3005
Small independent publishing house run by Marc Vleugels for literature, art, architecture, and philosophy.
Insulindestraat 93-b
3038 JG Rotterdam

29 Surinoemer
Artist Arnold Schalks, formerly of Vrije Schuur and Schuurpapier fame, treats us to a new project: the Surinoemer. The first issue was launched on 11 December 2007 in Paramaribo, in an edition of 250, photocopied. Digital copy available on the website.


3 Web-based projects
30 De Serafijn
A PDF briefing by artist and writer Q.S. Serafijn. Distribution (irregularly) via mail. Subscribe to De Serafijn.

31 Trendbeheer
Digital meeting place (digitale hanghoek) of Jeroen Bosch, Niels Post and friends. They post updates with their smart phones on new trends in the (Rotterdam) art world. Fotolog and blog.

32 Volksrekorders
Web-based platform run by 9 artists with an interest in public art.


9 Collective studios + residency + public events
33 B.a.d Foundation
Studios, guest studios, events and exhibitions. Founded in 1987 B.a.d currently has 15 members, 2 residencies and 4 guest studios. Good news is that under de banner BTTF! B.a.d to the Future, the building will be turned into a permanent studio complex in 2010.
Talingstraat 5
3082 MG Rotterdam
Metro Maashaven / change to Tram 2 Van Blommesteynweg + Bus 46 Boergoense vliet

34 Cucosa
Artists’ collective in spaces under Hofplein station. They have 14 members working in Cucosa and a large project space.
Raampoortstraat 16
3032 AH Rotterdam
Tram 4 Heer Bokelweg, 10 minute walk from Central Station

35 Duende
Studios, guest studios, events and exhibitions. Duende is a self-organised and independent artists’ cooperative housed in a building that has provided 42 studios since 1984 including 2 guest studios.
Tamboerstraat 9
3034 PT Rotterdam
Tram 7 Boezemweg

36 Fam.RUIM - Moved!
This is a studio, gallery and office for projects. Fam.RUIM is an initiative of Floor Margarita Cornelisse, Anique Alice Weve and Marlous Wessels.
Zwart Jansstraat 57 - 59
3035 AL Rotterdam
Oude Noorden.

37 Het Wilde Weten
Twenty studios and one guest studio, events and exhibitions.
Robert Fruinstraat 35
3021 XB Rotterdam
Tram 4 Heemraadsplein

38 Kaus Australis
Studios, guest studios, events and exhibitions. Established in 1985. 1360 m2, four studios plus three guest studios / presentation space.
Melanchtonweg 137
3045PN Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 20, 25 Melanchtonweg

39 Kunst&Complex
Studios, guest studios, events and exhibitions. 17 studios, and 3 guest studios and presentations. Established in 1981.
Keileweg 26
3029 BT Rotterdam
Metro Marconiplein, actually you’d better come by car or bicycle

40 Sandersgeluk
Interdisciplinary collective founded by Fransje Kraaij, Sander Zweerts de Jong and Rineke Kraaij.
Every Wednesday communal breakfast (werkontbijt) from 8.00–9.30 am.
Pupillenstraat 68 Rotterdam West.
Pupillenstraat 68
Postbus 25063
3001 HB Rotterdam
Tram 4 Aelbrechtskade

41 SingerSweatShop
Studios, events and exhibitions. Young artists from various fields have their studios and organize exhibitions, events, workshops, parties, high teas, filmnights, and promote “gezelligheid” of the highest level! SingerSweatShop started in August 2007.
Hoogstraat 170
3011 PV Rotterdam
Entrance around the back on Zijl.
Metro Blaak

Foundation NAC (New Studios Charlois) is a non-profit organisation, initially founded to arrange the self-management of studio spaces for artists. NAC has over a hundered addresses in Charlois. Their aim is to stimulate artistic activities and supports: L.P. Hendriks, Club Attent, W Lfr_t project spaces, BART-store, Gallery 182 and Half Juni. NAC also has 2 guest residencies called Zimmerfrei #1 & 2. NAC-Office is open on Wednesdays from 10:00-14:00
Godschalkstraat 5
3084 RA Rotterdam

RAiR–Rotterdam Artist in Residencies
RAiR is a new foundation initiated in 2008 by B.a.d Foundation, Duende Studios, Kaus Australis, Kunst & Complex and Het Wilde Weten. These artist-run studio buildings joined forces, aiming at a cooperation between their different residency programmes in order to maximise their potential and to create a platform for international artists in Rotterdam and beyond.

Rotterdam Art Map 2.0 is only available as web file. Published underCreative Commons Licentie

13 Galleries
MK Galerie - I.M.
Karmin Kartowikroma and Emmo Grofsmid opened their gallery in The Golden Years of the 1990s. A few years ago they opened a beautiful big second space in Berlin. Together with Onno van Toor Karmin started the gallery magazine: What's Up. www.whatsupmagazine.nl
Karmin and Emmo died in a car crash this summer driving to their Berlin based gallery. A tragedy and a big sad loss. Both gallery spaces are closed.

42 Bob Smit Gallery - Moved!
Bob Smit, a 3rd year Willem de Kooning student with ambition started a beautiful gallery in February 2010 on Eendrachtsplein, now moved to squaters paradise Crooswijk.
Rakstraat 2
3034 RG Rotterdam
Bus 34, Paradijslaan

43 BuroDijkstra
BuroDijkstra excist now for Four Years! Albert Dijkstra opened the gallery in an industrial space (Kunst&Complex) in the port of Rotterdam end 2005. in February 2007 he opened a second space in Amsterdam called the BuroDijkstra Private Viewing Space Amsterdam.
Keileweg 26
3029 BT Rotterdam
Metro Marconiplein, or by car or bicycle
& Van Noordtkade 16B
1013 BZ Amsterdam

44 Galerie Cokkie Snoei
Established in 1989 on the Witte de Withstraat. Since 1995 in her current location. Cokkie opened a second gallery in Amsterdam.
Mauritsweg 55
3012 JX Rotterdam
Tram 4 and 7 Eendrachtsplein
Cokkie Snoei Amsterdam:
Hazenstraat 11
1016 SM Amsterdam

45 Galerie Delta - Moved!
Hans Sonnenberg organised the first ZERO exhibition in 1959. Galerie Delta started in 1962 in the Witte de Withstraat. In 1977 he moved to the current location. Delta was the first Dutch gallery to show Jean-Michel Basquiat. This is the only gallery I know of without a website.
Eendrachtsplein 19
3015 LA Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 4, 7 Eendrachtsplein

46 Hommes + 2 residencies
Exhibition space for contemporary art including espresso bar and reading table.
Hommes started a residency program with 2 Artists in Residence-studio's. Foreign artists can apply for a residency of 6 months upto 1 year.
Charloisse Kerksingel 14
3082 DA Rotterdam
Metro Maashaven / change to Tram 2 Wolphaerstbocht + Bus 46 Rietdijk

47 Galerie Frank Taal
Started as de Kunstsuper. Galerie and project space by Frank Taal (see also De Aanschouw), René Boonstra and Leo de Bie. 6 show a year.
Van Speykstraat 129
3014 VH Rotterdam
Tram 4

48 Mirta Demare + residency
Space for contemporary art and exchange programme between Holland and South America. Contemporary art mostly from South America and residency exchange programme.
Bergsingel 176-b
3037 GN Rotterdam
Tram 4 Eudokiaplein

49 Phoebus Rotterdam
Established 1990. Also readings and discussions. Eendrachtsweg 61
3012 LG Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

50 RAM
Postbus 23021
3001 KA Rotterdam

51 Vivid - Moved to Red Aplle!
Gallery for design and art run by Aad Krol and Saskia Copper. They issue a monthly e-newsletter.
Scheepmakershaven 17
3011 VA Rotterdam
Metro Blaak

52 Wallgallery - Red Apple
Michel van Adrichem – known from Salle de Bain and Salle Demain – started a gallery on a 24 meter long wall in his home in The Red Apple. His motto: Free Panorama Views for ALL. Wallgallery opened on the magical date and time: 9.09.09 at 9pm. Visits by appointment only, or join the guest list.
The Red Apple at 37th floor.
Wijnbrugstraat 330
3011 XW Rotterdam
Metro Blaak

53 Wilfried Lentz
For 8 years Wilfried Lentz has been director of SKOR (Foundation Art and Public Space). On Saturday 26 April 2008 he opened his gallery. The gallery space is tucked away in the middle of the Groot Handelsgebouw designed by Dutch modernist architect Hugh Maaskant on the 1st floor, facing the main courtyard. Not so easy to find; ask at the front desk for directions.
Groothandelsgebouw Unit C1.140. Stationsplein 45
3013 AK Rotterdam
Centraal Station

54 Zic Zerp
Van Speijkstraat 129
3014 VH Rotterdam
Tram 4


15 Institutes

55 Arminius
Podium for art, culture and debate in late 19th-century church opposite Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.
Museumpark 3
3015 CB Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

56 Blaak 10
Gallery of Willem de Kooning Academie.
Witte de Withstraat 7a
3012 BK Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark + Trams 8, 20 Blaak

57 Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Collections of old masters, modern and contemporary art, applied arts and design. Annual budget is approximately 12 million euros, admission 9 euros. Free admission on Wednesdays.
Museumpark 18 - 20
3015 CX Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

58 Nederlands Foto Museum – NFM
Las Palmas
Wilhelminakade 332
3072 AR Rotterdam
Metro, Tram 20 Wilhelminaplein

59 't Gemaal
Tent.CBK, The Historical Museum and Kosmopolis are joining forces for two years starting January 2009 at the Afrikaanderplein. This programme is supported by Pact op Zuid and Vestia.
Pretorialaan 141 Rotterdam Zuid
Metro Maashaven

MAMA (1997) is a project by the Public Art Squad Foundation. It is a platform for visual culture on the cutting edge of visual arts and popular culture. Former chef Nous Faes was recently succeeded by Ariadne Urlus.
Witte de Withstr. 29-31
3012 BL Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

61 Piet Zwart Institute
Institute for postgraduate studies and research. Public programme with exhibitions, lectures, screenings and publications. The institute also organises presentations at WORM on a regular basis. Vanessa Ohlraun from Berlin is Piet Zwarts' second director.
Karel Doormanhof 45
3012 GC Rotterdam
Metro + Trams 4 & 7 Eendrachtsplein.

62 Rechtsachter
Small exhibition space (± 40 m2) in Centrum Beeldende Kunst. CBK was established in 1982 to support art production in Rotterdam and stimulate the art scene. It also houses the Kunstuitleen (art rental).
Nieuwe Binnenweg 75
3014 GE Rotterdam
Tram 4 Gouvernestraat, 7 Eendrachtsplein

63 Sculpture International Rotterdam
Head: Dees Linders. Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) was set up in 1999 to focus attention on the city’s impressive collection of public sculptures and to ensure their long-term preservation. Over the next few years their focus is on  the complex and intriguing public domain around the Coolsingel (from the Hofplein to the Erasmus Bridge) the area around the Central Station and the Laurenskwartier.
SIR opened a FREE cinema in October 2009. Tuesday - Friday 5 - 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday open from 2 - 6 pm.
Coolsingel 47
Metro Stadhuis

64 Stadscollectie
A collection of contemporary art by artists working in Rotterdam and Rijnmond, established in 1988 within Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Former curators were Jan van Adrichem, Dees Linders, Arno van Roosmalen, Wilma Sütö and the trio: Patricia Pulles, Bregje van Woensel and Annemartine van Kesteren a.k.a Digital Little Sisters. New stadsconservator since 2009 Saskia van Kampen.
Museumpark 18 - 20
3015 CX Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

65 Tent. CBK
In the same building as Witte de With CBK rents 1000 m2 exhibition space since 1999. Tent. was established in order to show art from Rotterdam and is currently led by Mariette Dölle.
Witte de Withstraat 50
3012 BR Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

66 De Unie
Platform for debate, art and culture, café and restaurant. Monthly film programme Off Screen organised and presented by Christiaan van Schermbeek.
Mauritsweg 34 - 35
3012 JT Rotterdam
5 minute walk from Central Station

67 V2
Institute for the Unstable Media. In 25 years V2 has developed from an artist-run space (started in Den Bosch) into an interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology. Maybe best known for the DEAF festival organised every 2 years. Residency program currently consists of two fully funded and technically supported residencies a year (full residency) and irregular residency positions in the form of providing a workplace within the V2_Lab (support residency).
Eendrachtstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

68 Witte de With
20 Years! Established in 1990 as a centre for contemporary art with the mission to introduce contemporary art and theory in the context of the city of Rotterdam. Former directors: Chris Dercon, Bartomeu Marí, Catherine David, Hans Maarten vd Brink. Current director: Nicolaus Schafhausen.
Witte de Withstraat 50
3012 BR Rotterdam
Tram 7 Museumpark

69 WORM - Moved!
WORM concerts, WORM cinema, WORM bar, radio WORM, WORM station, WORM book and record shop and Film workshop (16mm). Chef de mission: Obersturmbahnführer Hajo Doorn of the V.O.C. They recently moved to the former Fotomuseum building downtown on Witte de Withstraat.
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA RotterdamTram 4, museumpark


4 Events
70 Art Rotterdam
International Art Fair in the old Cruise Terminal building of the Holland America line. First week of february.
Metro, Tram 20 Wilhelminaplein

71 IFFR-Rotterdam Film Festival
Main stream and independent, innovative, international and experimental cinema as well as a series of film-related visual arts exhibitions and live performances. Starting last week of January: twelve festival days in 24 screening venues located within central Rotterdam.

72 Museumnacht
All museums of Rotterdam present a special programme.

73 De Wereld van de Witte de With
Three days of street art for the people. Second week of September.


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De Player
Belluard International
Embassy of Foreign Artists
Les Complices
Kunsthalle Fridericianum
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Coro Colectiva
Espaço Coringa
Fórum Permanente
MAPA das Artes São Paulo
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Número magazine
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Art Angel London
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