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Editorial - 69 contemporary art spaces in Brussels
On invitation of aLAB we did a 3 day project in Brussels – aLAB, a new project space in Brussels run by Belgium curator Veronique Vaes and German artist Bernd Kleinheisterkamp. They prepared a walk through Brussels on 15 and 16 May meeting some of the people and spaces that make Brussels a very exciting art capital. The presentation of our encounter with 2 video projectors for text and image, and a sound compilations of conversations and sound-bites of the city took place on Sunday May 17 2009. At present aLAB no longer exists.
One question was fixed in our mind: can Brussels be the new London or Berlin? Well, some say it already is and others not. Luc Tuymans said in an interview in reaction to the big sell-out of Damien Hirst: "London is finished, Brussels will be the next capital of the art world." We are not sure. But that is because we don't know what is happening in Brussels. This city is absolutely unpolished, raw, dark, black, mixed, rich, and very international. It is the centre of Europe and the Hi-Speed trains take you in less than 2 hours to London, Paris and Köln.
Art Map Brussels / Bruxelles is a collaborative cartography of art spaces in Brussels by aLAB and Fucking Good Art. Most of the artist/curator-run spaces are named Laboratories or Labs – an interesting model that we didn't see so much before in other countries. Arts laboratories offer artists a place to work and support the artistic research and creation process. The quality of the commercial galleries is amazingly high, spaces are well designed and chic and most of them work with interesting artists. Some even have a parallel programme or a project space, and some publish artist books or a newsletter – also something we don't see that much. Most well known newsletter is by Jan Mot. In our interview with Jan Mot he stated to our question: "I don't understand why so many artists and curators want to live together in Berlin. The competition will be very hard!"
If we move out of Rotterdam in two years we are most likely to go to Brussels. Why not to Amsterdam? Because the museums are closed for already a long time, the artistic energy has faded, the cultural scene is dead and a lot of artists have already moved out. Why not Berlin? Berlin is super nice, many friends live there and we will visit them as much as we can. But maybe too white, no jobs, too many bad galleries and no Kunsthalle for contemporary art. Why not London? To expensive... Bruxelles is the new black.

^Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma

FuckingGoodArt at aLAB Brussels


List of Labs-project spaces / magazines / galleries / institutes / events
1. Actionfields-Temporary Art Gallery
Hoogstraat 323 rue Haute
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

2. Aeroplastics Contemporary
Blanchestraat 32 r. Blanche
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

3. aLAB
Project space by curator Veronique Vaes and artist Bernd Kleinheisterkamp.
Ieperlaan 66 bd. d’Ypres, 5th floor
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

4. A.L.I.C.E. Gallery
A. Dansaertstraat 182 rue A. Dansaert
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

5. Aliceday
Fabrieksstraat 1b rue des Fabriques 1b, 2nd floor
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

6. Argos
Center for art and media; include production, conservation and archiving, as well as presentation – exhibitions, film and video showings, lectures and performances; additionally, Argos houses a public media library and provides a service for the international distribution of artists’ films, videos and multimedia installations.
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

7. Artbrussels
Brussels Expo Hal 1 & 3
Belgiëplein 1 Place de Belgique
Brussel 1020 Bruxelles

8. Artiscope
Sint-Michielslaan 35 bd. Saint-Michel
Brussel 1040 Bruxelles

9. Arts-Lab
Arts laboratories are organisations that focus on the support of the whole artistic creation process and on service to artists. Arts laboratories offer artists a place to work and support the artistic research and creation process. Spaces connected to this website: Constant, FoAM, Nadine, Firefly, De Pianofabriek, Bains Connective, Workspacebrussels, Margarita Production, Recyclart, Flacc, DCJ, Precare, Nucleo, NICC, Studio Start, iMal, WP Zimmer, Q-o2L, ’Ldetheatermaker

10. Bains Connective
A house where artists can focus on research and process during a residency.
Berthelotstraat 34 rue Berthelot
Brussel 1190 Bruxelles
11. Baronian_Francey
Gallery and project room.
I. Verheydenstraat 2 rue I. Verheyden
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

12. Galerie Catherine Bastide
Gallery and publisher of books.
Vorststesteenweg 62 chaussée de Forest
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

13. Le Botanique
Centre culturel de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles.
Koningsstraat 236 rue Royale
Brussel 1210 Bruxelles

14. BOZAR - Paleis voor Schone Kunsten / Palais des Beaux-Arts
Ravensteinstraat 23 r. Ravenstein
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

15. Brussel Biënnale

16. Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren
In 2004, the Flemish and the Dutch governments together took the initiative of founding the Flemish-Dutch House deBuren as a cultural institution and as a space for debate and reflection.
Leopoldstraat 6 rue Leopold
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

17. Le Café Français Art Gallery
E. Allardstraat 43 rue E. Allard
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

Center for contemporary non-objective art.
Barthélémylaan 5 bd. Barthélémylaan
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

19. Cimatics
Brussels International Platform and Festival for Digital Art and Culture, supporting innovative experiments and outstanding productions in the fields of audiovisual and digital culture.
Onderwijsstraat 51 rue de l’Instruction
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles
20. Constant
Association for art and media.
Fortstraat 5 rue Fort
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

21. Contretype - Contemporary Photographic Art Centre
Art Noveau building. Exhibitions, publications and residency programme.
Verbindingslaan 1 av. de la Jonction
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

22. Crown Gallery
Hopstraat 7 rue du Houblon
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

23. dépendance
Representing Karl Holmqvist, Andreas Slominski, Tobias Rehberger and others.
Varkensmarkt 4 rue Marché aux Porcs
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

24. Galerie Frédéric Desimpel
Bosquetstraat 4 rue Bosquet
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

25. De Elektriciteitscentrale/ La Centrale Electrique
European Center for Contemporary Art
St-Katelijneplein 44 Place Ste.-Catherine
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

26. Etablissement d’en face
Non-profit art space. The association was established in 2002. But the archive goes back to 1991. They are supported by Duvel  and Vlaamse Gemeeschap Commissie.
A. Dansaertstraat 161 rue A. Dansaert
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

27. Galerie Les filles du calvaire Paris Bruxelles
The gallery Les Filles du calvaire was created in 1996 under the initiative of Stéphane Magnan, an art collector. The program consists of three main branches : abstract painting from the 80s onwards, plastic photography embracing the notion of staging, and installation in sculpture and video.
Barthélémylaan 20 bd. Barthélémy
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

28. Firefly
Firefly is a workplace with a collective working method run by artists Orla Barry and Els Dietvorst. Artists are given the mental time and space to engage in research and reflection, and where an artistic product is a possible outcome. Also publishing books and cahiers like Bienvenue and Cahier 1 and 2 and the Swallows Magazine.
Delaunoystraat 58/15 rue Delaunoy
Brussel 1080 Bruxelles 

29. FoAM
A laboratory for re-integration of human knowledge, from science to arts, technology to culture. As a hybrid between a research centre and an artistic studio, FoAM seeks hybrid models of creative expression and knowledge production.
Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 quai des Charbonnages
Brussel 1080 Bruxelles
30. Gladstone Gallery
Two galleries in New York and one in Brussels representing Richard Prince, Thomas Hirschhorn, Sharon Lockhart and many other stars.
Grote Hertstraat 12 rue du Grand Cerf
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

31. Galerie Good Friday
Representing Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst, Dirk Leroux and others.
Oppemstraat 55 rue d’Ophem
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

32. Galerie Erna Hécey
Representing Peter Friedl, Pierre Bismuth, Kendell Geers and many other stars.
Fabriekstraat 1c rue des Fabriques
Bruxelles 1000 Brussel

33. Xavier Hufkens
Representing Pierre Huyghes, Michel François, Hans op de Beek, and others stars.
Sint Jorisstraat 6-8 rue Saint-Georges
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

34. iMAL - interactive Media Art Laboratory
A non-profit association founded in 1999 by individual artists, media producers, interactive designers, software engineers, and by NICC (a Belgian association of visual artists) with the objective to support artistic forms and creative practices using computer and network technologies as their medium.
Koolmijnenkaai 30 Quai des Charbonnages
Brussel 1080 Bruxelles

35. Galerie Rodolphe Janssen
Livornostraat 35 rue de Livourne
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

36. Komplot
Komplot is a curatorial collective concerned with nomadic creative practices, trends of specialization, survival architectures and the infiltration of private, public and institutional space. Started in 2002 by Heidi Ballet, Sonia Dermience, Ive Stevenheydens. Komplot investigates the concept of collective authorship.
Jourdanstraat 30 rue Jourdan
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

37. Kunstenfestivaldesarts

38. Lab[au]/ Mediaruimte
Laboratory for architecture and urbanisme. Founded in 1997, LAb[au] mainly creates interactive artworks, audiovisual performances and scenographies, for which it develops its own software and interfaces. Its four members (Manuel Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Alexandre Plennevaux and Els Vermang) also run since 2003 a digital design gallery.
Lakensestraat 104 rue de Laeken
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

39. Fred Lanzenberg
Gallery was founded in 1966.
Klauwaartslaan 9 av. Des Klauwaerts
Bruxelles 1050 Brussel
40. Precare
Is a project of City Mine(d) vzw and since 1999 active as intermediator between owners of temporary vacant buildings on the one hand, and artistic and/or social initiatives looking for a workspace to realise their activities on the other hand.
Zaterdagplein 13
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

41. Elaine Levy Project
Fourmoisstraat 9 Fourmois
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

42. Galerie Greta Meert
Representing Ian Wallace, Isa Genzken, Jeff Wall and other art stars.
Vaartstraat 13 rue du Canal
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

43. Natascha Mehlhop
Hopstraat 40 rue du Houblon
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles
Gallery is moving to a new space!

44. Meessen De Clercq
Abdijstraat 2 rue de l’Abbaye
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

45. Jan Mot
Representing Manon de Boer, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Tino Sehgal, Tris Vonna-Michell  and many more. Also publications and the infamous Newspaper Jan Mot, and parallel program Oral Culture; Oral Culture runs parallel with the gallery exhibitions, and takes place in the gallery or any alternative venue if required by the artist with the objective to produce a life performance once a month.
A. Dansaertstraat 190 rue A. Dansaert
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

46. Nadine
Is a transdisciplinary laboratory for contemporary artists for artistic research and experimental forms of presentation. Nadine offers support that accommodates artists with precarious and innovative projects.
Herdersstraat 30 Rue du Berger
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

47. Galerie Nathalie Obadia
Galleries in Brussels and Paris representing Michael Landy, Albert Oehlen, Guy Ben Ner and others.
C. Decosterstraat 8 rue C. Decoster
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

48. L’Observatoire-Maison Grégoire
Representing Runa Islam, Barbara Visser , Ann Véronica Janssens, and others.
Dieweg 292
Brussel 1180 Bruxelles

49. OKNO
Artist-run non-profit organisation for art and media technology founded in 2004.
Koolmijnenkaai 30/34 quai des Charbonnages
Brussel 1080 Bruxelles
50. Galerie Olivari-Veys
Henninstraat 9 rue de Hennin
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

51. Galerie Pascal Polar
The Polar+NKA*photography exhibition space is an international center dedicated to the photographic image founded in 1985.
Charleroisesteenweg 108 chaussée de Charleroi
Brussel 1060 Bruxelles

52. Elisa Platteau Galerie
Vaartstraat 20 rue du Canal
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

53. Q-O2
Workspace with residency for experimental contemporary music and installation and soundart.
Washuisstraat 28  Rue de la Buanderie
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

54. De Witte Raaf
Postbus 1428
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

55. Almine Rech Gallery
Abdijstraat 20 rue de l’Abbaye
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

56. Recyclart
The non-profit organization Recyclart was founded in the context of the Urban Pilot Project initiated early 1996 by the Delegation for the Development of the Pentagon. Recyclart currently functions as an artistic laboratory, a creative centre for cultural confrontation, an actor in the municipal public arena, a training centre and a place for meeting and experiment.
Ursulinenstraat 25 rue des Ursulines
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

57. Rossicontemporary
Waterloosesteenweg 690 Ch. de Waterloo, ground floor #17
Brussel 1180 Bruxelles

58. SECONDroom
initiative by Christophe Floré, and a project in close collaboration with Mira Sanders, Jan(us) Boudewijns and Laurence Pen, and many more artists.
Ursulinenstraat 5 rue des Ursulines
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

59. Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussel
Founded in 1980. Connected  to the Sint Lukas Hogeschool, its students and its public by organising Gallery Talks, workshops and coöperations between professional artists and students.
Haachtsesteenweg 138 ch. De Haecht
Brussel 1030 Bruxelles
60. Sorry we’re Closed
This is a window which is always closed and lit day and night, very visible from the outside. It is a white cube (350 x 350 x 350 cm) only open toward the street. Operators are Sébastien and Rodolphe Janssen. See also gallery Rodolphe Janssen.
Regentschapsstraat 65A rue de la Régence
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

61. Les Edition du Souffle
Avenue Albert Giraud 47
Brussel 1030 Bruxelles

62. Cultuurcentrum Strombeek
1853 Strombeek

63. Taché-Lévy Gallery
r. Tenbosch 74 Tenboschstraat
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

64. think.21
r. du Mail 21 Maliestraat
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

65. Vanhaerents Art Collection
The Vanhaerents Art Collection is a family collection of contemporary art that started in the end of the seventies. It was founded by Walter Vanhaerents, who recently decided to house it in the centre of Brussels and open it to the public. Admission 10 euro, guide 80 euro.
Anneessensstraat 29 rue Anneessens
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

66. Verrière Hermès
Waterloolaan 50 bd. de Waterloo
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

67. Wiels - Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst  / Centre d'art contemporain
Contemporary art center with exhibitions, residencies, a bookshop, a café , and events.
Van Volxemlaan 354 av. Van Volxem
Brussel 1190 Bruxelles

68. Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne
Eight artistic organizations, both Flemish and French-speaking have been offered the chance for a temporary residency in a 2500m2 building (old laboratory of the ministry of economic affairs) from April to December 2009. They organized two common large-scale exhibition-events in May and October. The participating organizations are: Constant, Josworld, Croxhapox, Komplot, Bains Connective,  Fortlaan 17, SECONDroom, Q-O2.

69. CODE magazine
Code is a free magazine published by a collective of curators. The articles published in their magazine discuss the concerns of the emerging art scene. In a society where the market too often dictates its rules, Code Magazine, in both form and content, wants to reaffirm an art of living in which utopia inspires reality.
Maliestraat 24 rue du Mail
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles


Pamela Anderson Playboy poster in café I Monticelli, St. Gillis

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Brussels list of art spaces. Published under Creative Commons Licentie

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